Google AdSense for content in Thai

At last, Google AdSense for Content now support a Thai websites. This is a good news for this country because now the have the chance to earn revenue on their original Thai site. This is good after a year Google AdSense only deliver Google AdSense for Search in Thai. Same as other language that Google AdSense for Content supported, those who want to join this program should read teram of service carefully in order not to be banned.

Here is Nopparat Yokubon post (AdSense Thai Publisher Support) about this great news!

Late last year we welcomed Thai to our AdSense for search family, and we're now excited to let you know about the launch of AdSense for content in Thai. If you're a publisher with a Thai website, you'll now be able to earn money for valid clicks and impressions for Google ads on your site. Get started by logging in to your account and visiting the AdSense Setup tab to generate ad code. Or, if you don't have an AdSense account yet, review our program policies and then feel free to submit an application.

To celebrate this launch, why not look up a few Thai recipes and prepare traditional dishes like Som Tum, a spicy green papaya salad, or Tom Yam, a hot and sour soup? We hope they'll leave you content and ready to create new content of your own.

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