Smartphones become more and more functional nowadays. We already know that Blackberry offering new experience in chat or group chat last year, but the most important thing is why push chat application like BBM can be more easier to use for some people ratherthan yahoo mesengger or gtalk. Push chat application such as BBM also being used because it was already installed, easy to use and does not consume a lot of energy so that it can conserve batteray life.

Reseach in motion has made the push chat application (BBM) become a powerfull tools to sell the product beside their offer to use monthly, weekly or daily dataplan. This option made a lot of people using it effectively and often can be said abusing it by opening internet site that does consume a lot of bandwith such as youtube.

Now push chat application become number one application that said to be replacing short message service (SMS). One of the new application was whatsapp. The different of whatsapp and BBM is that whatsapp can be installed in any gadget using symbian OS, iOS, Android or Blackberry OS.

Slowly but sure people leave Blackberry and BBM and pick a new smartphones that offer a new experience like android or iOS. The statistic said that few of them still use Nokia Symbian. Whatsapp become new weapon for nokia to sell their device. It is reasonable because peole think that nokia device was too expensive and not offering something they need like push chat application like BBM before. Now beacuse they already support push chat application using whatsapp, the loyal customer start to use nokia again beside Blackberry.

But onething we must remember is whatsapp is not free. Although it is cheap to use in a year ($2.0) not all peole use it willingly to fullfill their communication need. Therefore samsung fell that they need to create their own push chat application so that it can be an alternative for the old samsung bada OS that can not use whatsapp.

Samsung name the push chat application samsung chat on. It is said that it can be used in samsung old bada os and other kind of samsung product. They did not said that it will be available for other OS like symbian, windows phone, iOS, or blackberry. But they already said that it may used on android gadget.

Western Union Withdrawal

Last week we goo to local western union agent near our office. We want to withdraw Google Adsense payment sent to use using western union. First of all, we do not know what we need to bring to withdraw the money. Learning from others experience, there are few things to bring (realy) to withdraw the money from western union local agent.

You need only to bring your copy of ID/Passport/Driving License and the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that Google sent it to you. You may also see the information in Google Adsense Payment History.

Better you print the information before you go to local western union agent. They may also ask about sender name and their address. But we only write senders name on the Western Union Withdrawal form because the officer already know about us and we withdraw the money in local agent around our place.

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