Google Adsense e-book phenomenon

Many people who calim that they’ve succeed in Google AdSense now creating an eBook and sell it for almost $100. Some of them said that it is free for the first 1000 people who contact him by sending an email requesting his eBook. Yes this is one of free promotion to generate traffic for your website. By visiting your website it mean there are page impressions for your Google AdSense for Content and they may visiting Google Ad displayed on your website.

Here, read some testimonial for people who write an e-book tips earn revenue online using Google AdSense for Content :

“Best e-book I've ever bought... my CTR was up 700% and earnings went from $3-5 to $30 or more per day. $900 extra a month for NO work seems like a good deal to me.”
Richard Allen

“I'd like to thank Joel for helping to increase my AdSense revenues from $1,000 a month to over $10,000 in less than 3 months (same traffic and everything). I'm now living a semi-retired lifestyle at the ripe old age of 29. Thanks for changing my life!”
Gary Fields

“Your book should be at least 10 times what you're charging, as someone implementing your advice could easily make it back in a couple of days! I've already installed several of your suggestions, and in a matter of hours my CTR has jumped off the meter on one of my sites!”
Van Day,

“Joel saved my business with a fraction of the insight found in this eBook.”
Chris Pirillo,

Most of e-book contain the secret of topics bellow among Google Adsense as the main topics :

* Social Media - Find out what's hot and what's not
* Web 2.0 - Leverage cutting edge tactics to attract new site visitors
* Traffic Generation - Learn strategies for building long term organic traffic
* List-building - Generate income on demand by building a quality list
* Search Engine Optimization - Jump ahead of your competitors in Google
* Online Advertising - Don't throw away a fortune in Adwords, talk to use first
* Viral Marketing - Generate buzz for your site that snowballs into visitors
* Generating Revenue - Find out how we generate Millions of Dollars Online.

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