Business is easy

We know that to most people, making money is hard. But you must know right now that to several people like us, making money is easy. With internet you can make money a lot easier than in off line world.

But that's not what I want to talk. I write this note for you who come by here from search engine to tell you that whatever you write on a blog (english is preverable) can help you making money on the internet.

You may surprise when I talk like that, but I can assure you so because I have a research on it. Few months ago I write a blog that giving people an access to powerpoint template and tell them to download from it, but I must tell you I do not give them a way to download at all.

I know this may called a fake blog but it's not it. People coming from all over the world (mostly from canada) to download the template, but they end up redirected to other site that are comes up from ads.

By doing this we can make money from the internet. It may not much but let me remind you that it's from one blog. What happend when you have 100 or even 1000 blog?

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