How To Increase Traffic

People expect lots from their sites to educate others and give a lot information to them. But sometimes we forgot that the use of images and animation can slow down our page load rate and impact on site page rank and search engine.

There are many ways to increase the traffic to our sites, but these are three of easiest ways for you to do :

1. Complicated Animations – Flash-based animations are bad for both search engine optimization, and complicate the website experience for your visitors. You don’t want to go and distract visitors with your animations when they are actually looking for something specific on your website. Also, adding animations slows down the loading for your website and drive customers away in the process, not to mention affecting your SEO as well. Try taking out the animations from your site. You’ll be amazed by how much it impacts your lead conversions and time-on-site.

2. Images – They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Images help create a story for your website, and are good tools to support any content that you have. Too many of them, and they’ll slow down the loading of your site, which will affect your search engine ranking in the process. Go through the images on your site, and take out any that don’t help complement the content of your site.

3. Long Pages of Text – There have been plenty of evidence that show Internet users don’t like to scroll to read the information that they need. If you’re putting enough content that it takes several scrolls to reach the bottom of the page, chances are you’ve got too much information or ideas on it. Read through the content that you’ve got, and ask yourself if you have one or many topics on the page. If there is more than one, divide the page content into smaller pages that each has one idea relating to the topic. This way, visitors are able to navigate through your content easier, and search engines are able to understand your site better.

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