Optimize keywords using misspelling words

You may already realize that there are many site that use most searched keyword. Therefore you have a better chance to pop up in the first google search page when you use a misspelling keywords as there are many visitors who either type too fast or simply do not know the spelling of the search term.

But please be note that misspellings keywords do help but it can not be use to expect a massive increase intraffic. While optimizing your web site think of yourself from the point of view of a people. When you do that you are likely to come up with certain keywords which could just prove to increase your website traffic.

You may try to come up with a unique query to do so. Then enter each of these into your meta tag and wait for your traffic to increase. Targeted people who know little or nothing about the content you are writing on your blog. Join discussion groups, forum, and just about any place where you can make others talk about your site. Keep an open mind on the words used about your site during such discussions.


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