Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is a new profession these days. With numbers of blogs, people can get more money than they work 8 ours in everyday life. With a simple blog we can get money online using referral selling and other mode of generate income online using blog.

Ok here is a simple step to monetize a blog :

Building your blog

Of course if you want to monetize a blog you must have a blog. You can build it in blogger or wordpress, using your own domain or not. In these case you must consider building your own domain if you want to make a constant number of visitors/traffics.
If you use blogger instead of wordpress you may use 3rd party PPC program such as Google AdSense (See our post about Using Google AdSense as cash generators

Pick A Good Money Generator Program

There are numbers program offering how to make money online using a blog, but trust me you must know that the program/site is really pay you or not. I have a number of money generator program collections here :

Google AdSense (Using Google AdSense as cash generators)
AdbriteOnline Money Maker Soulmate Adbrite
Widgetbuckswidgetbucks be on your way to more money online
Shoppingadsshoppingads also offer pay per click
Bidvertiserbe online money maker with bidvertiser
Chitikaearn money online using chitika
ClicksorMake Money Online With Clicksor

ID is the most important thing

You know, many new blogger using their fake ID to generate money online with a very very bad ways (you can say a black hat ways). In my opinion, you must avoid this way, because it will not give you a constant generation of money online. Please be safe and use the white hat ways.

Ok see you on the other posts!! keep the traffic flow and the money glow!

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