Earning Online Pickjack

A friend suggested me a site called pickjack.com that pay users for every question we post on their site last month. I love to learn everything about making money in the Internet so I did not hesitate to create a free account and give it a try for a while. On the record, I create pickjack account before I read my friend’s further instruction in my email.

I learn that it is a little bit difficult to earn money from this site. In order to get money from pickjack, we have to post a question on their site. Look easy, wait I am not done writing this review yet. Allow me to ask you a question, what is the most important thing on making money online? If you think like I’m thinking, so you’re on the right track.

I love making money online because it is a source of passive income to me. In pickjack we have to answer 20 questions before we can make money by posting a question. So we have to spend our time on pickjack. The more time we use to open pickjack and answering question/posting question, the more money we get from pickjack. On the contrary, we will not earn money online with pickjack if we’re not open pickjack and post a question.

So it is your call now, if you want to earn onelin and get some money from pickjack, you can follow this link to create a free pickjack account. But remember that earning online using pickjack is not a passive income and you must spend more time on it. My advice is to creating another passive income based like referrals, or using PPC agents like bidvertiser or google Adsense.


kirubhakaran said...

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aaron said...

thx for the offer, I'm sure that many reader wants to know what you offer in our mail. I's not a spam right?

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