Yahoo! Answers Monetization

Yes I'm not crazy, we can generate money from Yahoo! Answers.

Basically Yahoo Answers is a place where people ask and answers question. Some of them may ask only and the others will answers only to get "point" that they never used. I know that we need to be creative to get money from internet, in example we can use Yahoo! Answers to generate one.

One think you must remember on monetize from blog (I Call it blogetize) is you must increase your traffic first before you can increase your income. Yahoo! Answers can help you to do this job. Simply write a topic you have mastered on a blog. It is best if it is a niche topic, but it is OK if you just write something that many others blogger already write.

Once you have write many articles about one think, log in on Yahoo! Answers using your account. You may find many question about many topics in it. Search a keyword that your blog used. Find a question that you can answers. Answers the question and leave a backlink to your blog. With this you can do both increasing traffic and backlinks all together.

Example :

If write about how to make money online using blog, search topic "monetize blog". You'll find questions over there. Answer one a day and leave a backlink there. Tell them to visit your blog if they need to consult you more.

I do increase my blog traffic from Yahoo! Answers from June 2007, right now I already have 3000 page view/days with 400 unique visitors.


Blog Writer said...

very smart way to get traffic and money. but I'm curious, don't they know we do this, is it okay? I don't want my yahoo! account being banned template by : unique-templates