Monetize Faq #1

Q : Best ways to monetize my blog?

I have a blog at the moment that is pulling in about 40 unique visitors a day, it's in the health niche. I'm wanting to know different ways to monetize my blog except for adsense, I'm looking for a bit more than that, but I am including that, cause every little

A : Best ways to monetize my blog?

Right, the best way for you to go is obviously the affiliate marketing route. I'd recommend signing up to clickbank (google it). Promoting a health produce on your blog, and search for a product with about 75% comission, you could probably earn $20 a sale. And make atleast 2 sales a week I think. I'm interested in how you've managed to get 40 unique visitors a day...

Also I highly recommend this ebook, which will get you on the right path and get you earning some cash, now you have some visitors.

Q : How can I monetize my Freewebs blog besides Adsense?

I have a freewebs blog at, and I'm not quite sure how to monetize it. Everytime I sign up for something, it always denies my blo. Does anyone know why?

A : How can I monetize my Freewebs blog besides Adsense?

Try signing up for some affiliate products instead of just plain banner ads.

For example, go to, and, sign up. Then find affiliate products related to your blog's main topic. Sometimes those specific affiliates will even offer banner graphics for you to use.

You can also try googling your blog's main niche/topic + affiliate. So, for example, if your blog is about horses, google "horse affiliate" (or "horse webmaster"), and you can often find products that offer affiliate accounts.

Lastly, you can try Amazon and eBay. Both offer affiliate relationships and provide 'widgets' that you can put onto your blog. For Amazon, just go to and look for the 'Associates' link at the bottom of the screen. For eBay, go to

Q : What other ways can I monetize my blog/website besides Google Adsense?

And which are most effective? Thanks for your response.

A : What other ways can I monetize my blog/website besides Google Adsense?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Unless your blog/website gets a lot of traffic (hits) you're just not going to monetize your site. Anyone telling you otherwise is running a scam.

There are several other affiliates that offer this service such as Rocket, CLICKBANK. Try Affiliate Pgms in search. If you want a simple Website to sell stuff on (Easy to set up with miltiple steams of income, go to to get Mark Warrens 'Ultimate Wealth Program' complete Website Course ($49.95 but Big discount offered - The Website is FREE)

Monetize your site really depends on the site and the type of traffic you are getting. The amount of traffic is an overrated topic...becuase you do not need alot of traffic you just need quality traffic. if you had 1000 daily visitors but no clicks or anyone buying anything it would be useless. you could have 10 dailys but if each one converts that is golden!...adsense is an easy money maker but requires time and some decent traffic to make it worth your time. affiliate programs are easy to but require marketing so you should seaech around for tips on the topic. there are tons of affiliate networks.

I run both a adsense site for authors as well as my own affiliate shopping site so i would say just start testin a little bit of everything and see what works for you. persoanly ive made quicker money with affiliate prtograms then with adsense but adsense grows with time. i do about 380 monhtly with adsense.

Q : How does one monetize a blog other than w/ Adsense?

I have heard about things such as companies (i.e. Sun)engadging in 'pay-per-mention' for mentions of their products on a blog, as well as other ideas for allowing bloggers to leverage their traffic into dollars. Any thoughts or companies/services people can recommend would be most helpful. Thx!

A : How does one monetize a blog other than w/ Adsense?

There are many ways to monetize your blog other than Adsense. You can go with affiliate marketing. You can create a newsletter. You can create and sale your own information products. If you have a high enough PR and good amount of traffic you can sale advertising.Leveraging your traffic for revenue is the easy part. Getting the traffic in the first place is the hard part.

Q : Unusual ways to monetize your blog?

I have been involved in blogging for a long time, and I am familiar with a lot of the more obvious methods for generating income from my site. I was wondering if any of you have any more unorthodox methods for generating income - any one any good at thinking outside the box???

A : Unusual ways to monetize your blog?

Paid for rss feed or susbcription to audio. Simply put you contact details for 'personal consultation' and then charge what you like.

Q : What's the most effective way of monetizing my blog?

I started a blog this past year in the hopes of making some small addition to my monthly income, nothing spectacular just something on the side. However, I haven't had very much luck with this so far.

Does anyone who's been in a similar position have some advice?

A : What's the most effective way of monetizing my blog?

Do good SEO, get ranked high in search engines for whatever your blog is about. Then sell advertising space on it. If it has good page rank, websites who have themes similar to yoru blog will want to advertise on it.

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