How to be an online money maker using smorty

What is Smorty?

Smorty has the worlds largest network of high quality blogs. Each and every blog is carefully reviewed before accepting them to our advertising network.

Our blogger community is built on ethics and the desire to help each other generate money from their blogs.

Advertisers can have articles written about their products or services with a link to their site (blog advertising). Bloggers can make money by writing opinion article posts and by pay-per-click advertising commissions.

Click on the links in your section to learn more about our exciting opportunities.

Earning residual income from your blog is a fine art. Smorty's techniques and features will help you reach your ultimate goal to be an online money maker and earning money from your blog.

Here's how it works.

Select a target audience. There almost no point making one blog about everything.

Find the main keyword(s) you want to promote. Use the Blog SEO centre for this.

Start writing posts for other blogs, you will receive as many posts as you write for others. Basically if you write 100 posts you will receive 100 post written about you. This will bring you a higher ranking on search engines and high quality blog based traffic.

Write about the things you love. Target this to your audience and include the keywords you have chosen.

Once your blog is accepted to the Smorty network you can start getting paid to blog.

Setup the code for Digxa mini stores. This will pay you between $0.03- $0.60 depending on what is advertised.

Here's a simple way of looking at how your blog income works.

High ranking = Traffic
Traffic = Income
More traffic = More Income

There are two main ways to make money from your blog using Smorty.

Digxa Mini Stores will earn you Pay-Per-Click commissions. This is earned by displaying product banners which appear when a visitor rolls over a highlighted related keyword.

Write opinion articles as posts in your blog. Link back to the sponsor to earn your money. Each post can earn between $6 and $48 depending on your page rank.

Here is step by step direction to make money online with smorty :

Open an account
Get your account approved
Wait for suitable campaign offers
Enter articles details to Smorty admin for approval
Set up the Digxa mini store widget
Use the Post Exchange program
get paid for blogging

Still need a detail to generate cash with smorty read this :

Open an account
Create your membership with Smorty. A quick and simple process gets you on the way to making money from your blog.

Get your account approved
Smorty administrators will review your Blog. It will be approved or declined based on our rules and terms of service.

Wait for suitable campaign offers
Smorty will email you suitable ad campaigns you can write about. Log into your admin account to accept these tasks. If they are not there, other bloggers managed to grab them all first. Write any available opinion articles and post it in your blog.

Enter articles details to Smorty admin for approval
Have your article confirmed by entering the posts details in your Smorty admin panel.

Set up the Digxa mini store widget
Advertise and earn money using the pay-per-click mini store widget. Related products will appear in your blog posts, if visitors click on these ads you will earn a commission.

Use the Post Exchange program
Build targeted traffic by exchanging posts with other bloggers from the same category. Each blogger writes for a different blogger to avoid reciprocal linking, all visitors will be targeted to what was written in the post.

Get Paid for Blogging
Bloggers are paid weekly for confirmed and approved articles and monthly for Digxa mini store commissions.

You have already read all anout smrty right, now decide what you gonna do, you may join smorty and earn cash from them or you may pick other online system that offer you money from the internet.

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