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Bloggers - get paid to review products and services on your site. You control what you review.

How it Works

Submit your site for inclusion into our ReviewMe publisher network. Begin by creating a free account using the link below.

If approved, your site will enter our ReviewMe marketplace and clients will purchase reviews from you.

You decide to accept the review or not.

You will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.

Reason to make cash generator from Review me :

Typically, large companies get their products/services reviewed by other Web sites/blogs benefitting from the traffic, viral nature of reviews, and valuable feedback, while new market players find it hard to get the word out about their products.

ReviewMe's marketplace of web authors will review your product or service on their Web site sending your site traffic, viral buzz, and invaluable feedback.

Creating, prototyping, testing and bringing products to market are time consuming and expensive.

Product demand and feedback can be gauged early on in the prototyping stage to help foster an environment where it is quicker, cheaper, and easier to create and test ideas.

People ignore ads. In much the same way that banner blindness set in, many publishers have noticed their contextual ad click through rates and earnings drop over time.

Because our reviews are not formatted to look like ads, publishers are able to deliver more attention and value than through advertising via any other marketing channel.

Due to a wide scope of interest many ad systems show exceptionally generic ads that are irrelevant and annoying, hurting the publisher’s ability to monetize the attention asset they have built.

Our writers review what they find interesting. If the writer finds something interesting the odds are it is going to be well in tune with what readers of that channel like.

Connecting with many bloggers who would be interested in talking about or reviewing your products and services could take a long time. Worse yet, even requesting a review from some of the wrong bloggers might inspire them to call you a spammer of some sort.

By letting the authors choose you they are more inclined to give a deep, receptive, and insightful review. The ReviewMe network means that you are not stuck trying to track down 100 different bloggers.

Review Me FAQ

Why was my blog rejected?

To be accepted into ReviewMe, a blog must meet a minimum number of citations, subscribers, and traffic. If your blog is rejected, you may want to return in a few months' time and submit your blog again.

How do I get review offers? How can I review more stuff?

In the ReviewMe publisher system, advertisers choose which specific blogs to review their product or website. So basically, sit back, and let the review offers come to you. In the ReviewMe advertiser marketplace, advertisers create specific campaigns for bloggers. Bloggers can find out what review campaigns are available for their blog by checking the Advertiser Clearinghouse or the View Campaigns tab in their account.

What are the review guidelines?

General Review Guidelines

You must disclose that the post is a paid post in some way. Here are some ideas: "Sponsor Post" "Sponsored Post", "The following is a paid review," "Advertisement."

Reviews must be at least 200 words. Please use whatever length you feel is appropriate aside from the minimum of 200 words.

All reviews must be dated the day they were completed and this date may not be altered at any time.

Reviews may not contain "no-follow" links. If they are present the review will be rejected.

Review Guidelines

Reviews must be at least 200 words. Use whatever length you feel is appropriate aside from the minimum of 200 words.

You must use the "Link Text" and "Product URL" at least once in your review exactly as it is listed above.

Submit the actual permanent URL where the completed review is located in the field below.

The URL must be unique and not a copy from a previous campaign review.

Reviews must include grammar, language and spelling that are of presentable quality.

Reviews may not contain affiliate links when linking back to the advertiser. Any review with these affliate links will be rejected.

All reviews must be dated the day they were completed and this date may not be altered at any time.

Reviews may not contain "no-follow" links. If they are present the review will be rejected.

Advertorial Guidelines

Advertorials content can not be changed. Please follow these instructions on posting:

When adding pasting the blog entry into your blog body make sure you are in Edit HTML mode.

Copy and paste the full title of the advertorial in your blog title, making sure it has SPONSOR POST: in all CAPS.

Copy and paste the full body of the advertorial in the Edit HTML view.

RM Advertorials can not be modified. Make sure they are copied exactly in order to get paid out.

How and when will I get paid?

Our payments are calculated and paid out on a monthly basis. On the 1st of each month, earnings will be calculated and shown in the earnings section of your account. Payments will be sent out shortly thereafter, no later than the 4th.

Do reviews have to be in English?

Please write reviews in your blog's "normal" language. If your blog's category is German, for example, advertisers will generally expect the language of the review to be German.

How can I put my blog into the ReviewMe advertiser or publisher marketplaces?

To submit your blog into the ReviewMe marketplaces, please go to this link: https://www.reviewme.com/bloggers.php

Why wasn't my blog accepted into either of the marketplaces?

We accept blogs into our system based on a combination of link popularity, estimated readership (Alexa), and estimated RSS subscribers. Please feel free to re-submit your blog in a few months if any of the criteria above changes for you.

How can I update my blog's statistics and change its price?
You can adjust the price and statistics of your blog at any point following these easy steps:

Log in to your account here.
Click "Manage my sites."
Click on the price of your website.
From there, you can change the price.

What is the minimum payment sent?

The minimum payment to be sent out via check is $25. The minimum payment to be sent out via Reviewme Prepaid MasterCard® is $20. There is no minimum amount for PayPal payments.

How many reviews can I write per month?
The maximum number of approved reviews per month for bloggers is based on your blogger rating. The higher your rating, the more campaign reviews you can write in a given month.

Can I include affiliate links within reviews that I write?

No, reviews may not contain affiliate links when linking back to the advertiser. Any review with these affiliate links will now be rejected.

How can I increase my blogs rating in reviewMe?
ReviewMe overall rating is based on a combination of Technorati, Alexa, Google, RSS subscriptions,and your review ratings on reviewMe. Below are some basic steps and links to guides that can help you improve your rankings in reviewMe.

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