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Interesting in backlings? Read this brief description first before you decide to register an account and earn money from

If you have web pages with PageRank and would like to sell text links on them but don't have the time to do it yourself, now offers a service where we will find buyers for the text links on your web pages, manage the link inventory and process payments. Each month you will receive a payment from us for 50% of the revenue generated by the text links on your web pages.

Backlinks service is simple:

1. Register an account.
2. Add your website information.
3. Insert Backlinks ad code on your website.

Their service will allow you to generate cash/revenue from your web pages with no additional effort. In addition, you may sell text links on any web pages, even if you already have other text link ads or contextually served ads such as Google Adwords and Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) ads. This allows you to maximize the revenue generated by your web site.

You will have the ability to filter the types of text links which appear on your web pages by approving the categories you want. In addition, you will be able to customize the look and feel of the text links on your web pages such as font size, color, etc.

You will be paid the following monthly rates for text links. Rates are paid per month per text link.

PageRank (PR) 1 homepage $.50 subpage $.50
PageRank (PR) 2 homepage $1 subpage $1
PageRank (PR) 3 homepage $2 subpage $1.50
PageRank (PR) 4 homepage $3 subpage $2
PageRank (PR) 5 homepage $4.50 subpage $3.50
PageRank (PR) 6 homepage $12.50 subpage $10
PageRank (PR) 7 homepage $30 subpage $25
PageRank (PR) 8 homepage $75 subpage $50

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